Some Basic Elements To Know About Luxury Kitchens

A luxury Dubai kitchen has a few key elements that set it apart from others. Here are some tips to create an elegant kitchen, from high-end appliances to a wine fridge. To make your kitchen look more luxurious, you should consider adding additional items, such as a beverage bar or statement backsplash. To add to the luxury look, you can use high-end materials and accessories, such as glassware and hammered metal sinks.

Adding a wine fridge:

One of the hottest trends in luxury kitchens right now is the addition of a wine refrigerator. More than half of our clients choose to add a wine fridge as part of their kitchen remodels. You can install a wine fridge in the kitchen or utility room. The next step is to determine what type of refrigerator you want to buy and where you’ll place it. Once you’ve determined the layout, you’ll want to take measurements and determine the features you want.

Adding a beverage bar:

Adding a beverage bar to a luxurious kitchen can be a wonderful addition. These spaces can be either open or enclosed and can be designed to match or contrast the rest of the kitchen’s cabinets. There are also plenty of options for cabinet design and finishes, including glass front cabinets or open shelves. If you want to create a specialty bar, you can include storage for glassware and corkscrews and even incorporate an under-counter refrigerator to keep cold drinks.

Adding a statement backsplash:

Whether your luxury kitchen is traditional or ultra-modern, a statement backsplash can bring a splash of personality. From playful patterns to statement-making stone, backsplashes are sure to turn heads. This kitchen features a marble backsplash and a guest suite complete with its private kitchen.

Adding high-end appliances:

The first step in creating a luxurious kitchen is determining the budget. Many homeowners choose to buy expensive appliances based on their personal preferences, but the best option is usually a combination of features and price. In addition to premium appliances, you can also add high-end fixtures and trims, as well as wine racks and coffee bars. While many people purchase appliances to simply make their life easier, they also add value to their homes and enhance their home’s overall value.

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