When Should You Repair Your AC? Warning Signs

If your air conditioner is not functioning properly, there are some warning signs you should keep an eye out for. Some of them are unusual sounds, clogged ductwork, and leaks. If you notice one of these signs, hiring AC repair services in Dubai is time. You’ll be glad you did later. But if you’re not sure, here are some other signs to look for.

Unusual sounds:

If your air conditioning system is making noises, it’s time to call a technician and have it checked out. Even ‘silent’ units will make noise occasionally. Knowing how much noise your AC unit makes is vital to determining the problem and whether or not it needs repair. Frequent loud noises may indicate a broken motor or belt or signal a lubrication issue. Grinding sounds may indicate worn-out motor bearings or a breakdown.

Clogged ductwork:

If you notice mold or mildew growing in the ductwork, this may signify a leak or faulty condensation pan. As the warm air from the AC is blown through the ductwork, the moisture becomes a breeding ground for mold. As the mold spores are carried into the air, they can grow in the ductwork, affecting your indoor air quality and causing respiratory issues. In addition to mold, poor insulation and leaks in the ductwork can cause mold to grow and be a sign of a problem.

Loss of refrigerant:

If you notice a loss of refrigerant in your air conditioning system, you should seek professional help. Most air conditioners contain enough refrigerant to keep the system cool and efficient. However, the loss of refrigerant can lead to severe damage to the compressor, which is the heart of the cooling system. To prevent such a problem, you should be aware of the warning signs and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation.


If your home is always humid, it’s good to check your air conditioning unit regularly for signs that it may need repair. While you’d hope the humidity in your home would be kept at around 30 percent, high levels can lead to stuffiness and mold growth. If you notice excess moisture, contact a professional HVAC repair service immediately. You’ll want to avoid these unpleasant odors and save yourself money in the long run.

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