The Four Main Aspects of Interior Design

What are the main aspects of interior design? They are not limited to architectural features but can include anything from color to lighting. Bold colors can draw the eye to a certain point. Likewise, lighting and positioning of lines can direct the eye to a specific point. And using negative space to create emphasis on one particular point can help the rest of the room feel cohesive and balanced. When considering interior your home, hire an interior design company in Abu Dhabi to achieve desired results. 


As an interior designer, you have probably heard about harmony. In simple terms, harmony is when the colors and textures blend harmoniously to create a balanced look. The key to harmony is to ensure that everything in the room has a place and feels right. If you’re unsure of what this term means, let us explain. Harmony is a fundamental concept of interior design. When used correctly, it can create the best overall atmosphere for your home.


One of the most important aspects of interior design is unity. Without it, your design would not be cohesive. Unity is a visual principle that promotes balance and consistency. There are several ways to achieve unity in your design. Use the contrast and repetition of elements to guide the viewer’s experience and create an atmosphere of unity. Read on for more tips on creating a harmonious interior design. This principle is also known as compositional unity. When you combine elements of two opposite types, you create an overall compositional unity.


When designing a room, cohesion is crucial. A cohesive design plan is composed of similar elements that repeat throughout the room, whether in color or finish. By using a consistent color palette and finish on metal elements, you’ll ensure that the look and feel of the room are seamless and intentional. Here are some tips to achieve cohesion in interior design. You combine your favorite colors and patterns in your room’s design to create an inviting atmosphere.


While blending old and new, transitional design is the perfect way to make your home look fresh and stylish. The key to this design style is meaningful accessories and decorative pieces. Consider using metallic pieces to add a glitzy feel if your home is transitional. Also, look for materials that have a combination of texture and tone. Upholstered pieces, like sofas and chairs, add interest to any room.

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