The 3 Concepts of Marketing

The selling concept is centered on a product’s benefits and convinces customers to purchase it. A successful business will focus on the needs of its customers and provide a superior product. Unlike its competitors, a product with a product concept is unique and hard to replicate. Instead of copying the same product as its competitors, it will focus on meeting and exceeding those needs. Product concepts help differentiate a company from its competitors and increase its likelihood of success. If you consider working with a marketing consultancy in Dubai, you must know these concepts before. 

Production concept

The production concept is not that difficult to understand. It states that a product is more desirable when readily available and inexpensive. People won’t buy something if it is too expensive or hard to obtain. Consumers want easy-to-access formats. This approach is most effective in industries with economies of scale. It can help companies increase their profits by lowering production costs.

The production concept is vital to any business, especially in e-commerce. It’s easier to sell a product in an e-commerce setting, but it doesn’t mean that a company can ignore consumer desires. A consumer’s primary concern might be price. A product that costs less but is of a higher quality will be more desirable. By following the production concept, companies can make their products more affordable for consumers.

Promotion concept

To attract customers, businesses have to convince them to buy their products. This involves persuading them to purchase the product or service by providing various incentives and discounts. This strategy is high-risk because it is based on the fragile idea of offering a product or service. The marketing concepts can be classified into three basic categories: production, promotion, and relationship-building.

Product loyalty concept

The product-loyalty concept assumes that consumers prefer products that offer greater quality. In this case, price, availability, and benefits are not the main factors determining their choice. Instead, they are driven by other factors. Therefore, this concept aims to make every possible sale and increase profits. If a company can do all these things, it is on the right track to succeed. Marketing concepts can make or break a business.

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