How To Take Care Of Your Car To Avoid Unexpected Repairs

While regular maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected car repairs, it’s important to remember that these services will also cost money. That’s why it’s important to set aside money each month or year to cover regular maintenance. Otherwise, you could go a year without a major repair, only to spend over Dh 1,000 in one year. You should also make sure to visit a Mercedes service center in Dubai regularly.

Preventing overheating

Overheating in your car is not a normal problem. This can be caused by several reasons, including the engine revving too fast or too low. If it occurs, your car will overheat, causing white smoke to come from under the hood. In addition to the smell of burnt rubber, overheating can also result in a leak or other issues. Check the coolant levels in your car regularly.

Using non-OEM parts

Using OEM parts in your car isn’t always the best option. Some parts may not be covered under your warranty if you make drastic modifications to them. If this happens, the automaker may deny coverage for the specific problem. To prevent coverage denials, you should follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your car. Using non-OEM parts may cost you more than OEM parts, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Preventing blowouts on the road

One way to prevent tire blowouts on the road is to always check the pressure of your tires regularly. While tire blowouts are rare, even 1/4 second can cause a major auto accident. By keeping your tires properly inflated and rotating them at least every 5,000 miles, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of a tire blowout.

Taking care of your vehicle before a trip

Pre-trip vehicle maintenance is a must for road trips. Checking your car’s fluid levels and getting an oil change are important. Getting your car’s brake fluid checked is another must-do task. Your mechanic can check and change any low fluids, but you should also get your car checked for antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. Having these repairs completed before you leave will save you from costly roadside repairs, so it’s worth it to spend a few extra minutes and avoid roadside emergencies.

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