Best Business To Invest In Dubai's Mainland

Having a mainland company setup in Dubai offers numerous benefits. The UAE and other GCC countries can trade freely with your company, and you can trade with all Free Zones in Dubai. It is the perfect location to start a business, and most business owners consider Dubai their first investment choice. When choosing the location of your company, you need to choose a strategic location that will foster growth and development.

Event-based company:

If you’re interested in a new business venture and looking for ways to invest in Dubai’s mainland, an event-based company could be an excellent choice. In the UAE, the registration process is fairly easy, and you’ll be able to get started immediately. The process begins with completing an application form detailing the business activities that you plan to conduct. This application is then submitted to the DED or the relevant free zone authority and will require you to pay a license fee. A license can cost up to AED 17,500 and is required for every activity you plan to perform.

Trading services:

Among all the business opportunities in Dubai, trading services are the most lucrative. This business option offers both revenue and growth potential, as it involves international trade. Moreover, it provides exposure to cutting-edge transportation and logistics systems. Furthermore, the commercial sector in Dubai is expanding actively, which means that more business opportunities are coming up daily. But before investing your money in UAE, you must have a proper strategy.

Food trading:

As the UAE is mostly a desert, food imports are essential to sustain the economy. If you are interested in setting up a food business in the UAE, here are some steps you can follow. Food commodities are considered basic human needs, so the government is not worried about losing money in this industry. Moreover, the UAE government has several incentives to encourage food imports.

Real estate:

Whether you are looking to buy an apartment in the city or a beachfront villa, investing in property in Dubai is always a good idea. Not only does real estate provide a steady source of income, but it can also help you build wealth. But just like any other investment, there is always some risk. However, real estate is one of the safest investments and minimizes that risk. Moreover, real estate in Dubai offers investors good capital appreciation, quality living, and affordable housing. Moreover, in Dubai, you’ll find world-class healthcare services, well-established schools and universities, and an excellent educational system.

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